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My own minesweeper assistant (Itsmine.exe). Read about or download this funny little program
A small collection of classic microphones.
Or go directly to the European or to the Non-European microphones. Or to the Ronette page or to the Philips page.
Fine examples from before the digital era!
Brainjam, Braincell
Freecell to easy for you ? Try Brainjam, a much more interesting game and at least it has an UNDO option
Some (optimal) solutions for this game
A freeware game.

Blues Estafette 2004
Blues Estafette 2003
Blues Estafette 2002
Blues Estafette 2001
Blues Estafette 2000
Blues Estafette 1979-1981
A few ther Blues pics (under construction)


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