Reel-to-reel recorders

Berto's contribution to Reel to Reel history

 Recorder: Description:
Akai 4000DS.
Bang & Olufson Beocord 2000
Grundig TK-5.
see TK-5 info
Grundig TK-14.
Grundig TK-23.
Grundig TK-40.
Philips 3531.
Philips 3549.
A Philips 3549 recorder (probably around 1962), large and heavy !
Revox A77.
Tandberg 2.
Tandberg Bandopptaker Model Type 2.
see Tandberg Radiofabrikk A/S
Tandberg T2.
Similar to the previous one, but with english logo.
Tandberg 4.
Tandberg Model 4, "Stereo Quadruple" with 3 tape speeds.
Telefunken TS200
The first (?) transistorized Telefunken taperecorder. This one is from 1967 and has run close to 10000 hrs. in our family.
Telefunken 200
Almost identical, I bought this one in the mid seventies but it never functioned really properly, the head was malfunctioning (or damaged by the previous owner).
Uher Royal De Luxe
This sturdy machine costed F 1635,-- in 1969 !


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